Asphalt Paving


An asphalt pavement provides a durable surface that can be used for driving, sports, commercial parking lots, and other applications. It offers a surface that will last for years and is attractive to the eye. It is the most widely used paving material for commercial and residential purposes.

Installing a new asphalt surface is a complex process that requires skilled and professional contractors. Asphalt pavement is a mixture of asphalt and aggregates (rocks and sand) and asphalt cement to bind it all together. Only professional, experienced paving contractors can correctly install or repair an asphalt pavement.

Paradise Asphalt Maintenance is one of the best-known paving contractors in Kansas City. We provide a variety of construction services for big and small projects, ranging from minor repairs to new pavement installation for commercial projects.

We use the most advanced asphalt maintenance and repair equipment in the industry. We have a comprehensive range of machinery to ensure that the work is completed efficiently and economically.